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Course Curriculum

Hacking Custom Search Engines
Info about this lesson 00:02:00
Tip Sheet Google Search Operators 00:01:00
Google Custom Search Engines (CSEs) 00:02:00
Create Custom Search Engine 00:01:00
Test the Custom Search Engine
Linkedln Profile X-Ray 00:00:00
Test Run 00:02:00
CSE X-Raying a List of Sites 00:06:00
“Soft” X-Raying in CSEs 00:02:00
Compare Standard vs. “Soft” Site Inclusion 00:01:00
CSEs with No Sites 00:03:00
URL Templates in CSEs 00:04:00
URL Templates Example - Behance Resumes 00:02:00
URL Templates - Twitter Profiles 02:00:00
CSE “Keywords” 00:02:00
CSE: Auto-Adding a Search Substring 00:02:00
Schema.org Objects
Schema.org Objects (Used for CSE Creation) 00:02:00
Example - Objects in HTML Code 00:00:02
Searching for Persons 00:06:00
CSE Refinements
CSE Refinements - Info 00:04:00
CSE Examples 00:03:00
CSE Diversity Associations 00:02:00
CSE - Q&A 00:02:00

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