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Identifying qualified candidates is the most critical part of the recruiting process and this course will teach you the basics that you need to know to start as a recruiter/sourcer in the recruitment field. Boolean sourcing is an effective way for recruiters to get more advanced results when they are searching for candidate information from all over the web (Google, LinkedIn, StackOverflow etc.)

This tutorial is specially designed to help you learn Boolean search strings as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quick overview of the three core Boolean search operators and three core Boolean query modifiers: AND, OR, NOT, Asterisk, Parentheses, Quotation Marks.

You will learn how to use Boolean operators to connect your search words together to either narrow or broaden your set of results. You will also learn how to build basic Boolean search strings so you can connect various pieces of information to find exactly what you're looking for.

After this course, you will be able to create effective strings for your searches. You will also be able to customize strings that you find on the internet or that you create with tools like SourcingLab.io

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Boolean Search FREE 00:05:00
Boolean Operators
AND Operator 00:03:00
OR Operator 00:02:00
NOT Operator 00:04:00
Parenthesis 00:10:00
Quotation Marks 00:02:00
Boolean Search Modifiers
Asterisk* 00:04:00
Other Operators 00:05:00
Operators Quiz 00:10:00
Synonyms for Your Boolean Search
Positions 00:04:00
Technology 00:06:00
Company names 00:02:00
Summary Boolean Search 00:07:00
Boolean Search Final Quiz 00:06:00

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  1. Good


    Useful resources provided, easy to read and understand. Thank you.

  2. great course


    I completed the basic course which gave me an excellent overview on Boolean strings.

  3. Very Useful


    When started course I felt it's very basic nothing to learn. Once I completed, I felt lot to practice thanks for wonderful course.
    It's a wonderful experience.

  4. Excellent


    This course is very helpful to improve searches of candidates.

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