About us


Recruitment Camp is an aspiring global network of skill and course sharing targeted for recruiters all over the world. Here, recruiters and all those who specialize in recruitment can share courses with those who need them, effectively working together to make recruitment world more progressive and developed than ever before.

 Connecting recruiters with what matters most: Education.

Our Goal

To create a global online community that works together to Make Recruitment Great Again.   #MakeRecruitmentGreatAgain


Recruitment Camp was initiated in 2016 by Jan Tegze, who passionately believes in an education for anyone, anywhere. Recruitment Camp is trying to fill the gap to be seen in the global recruitment industry. This gap encompassed lack of knowledge, lack of communication, and lack of insight that is necessary to take the industry to the next level. To bridge this gap, Recruitment Camp was established as a single course-sharing resource where people who specialize in recruitment can share their knowledge and others can learn from it. Visitors can find courses from other recruiters, recruitment agencies and and other specialists from across the world.


With education comes progress – such is our belief at Recruitment Camp. We believe education has power to create a ripple effect: even a single drop can cause ripples all over, similarly even a single person who shares knowledge can educate many people all over.

We are a global online course resource because we believe education should be without borders and we are trying to create a globally collaborative space for recruiters and increase access to quality education and courses for everyone, everywhere.  If you are a recruiter or specialize in recruitment, we encourage you to take part in enhancing this industry by sharing courses at Recruitment Camp today.

Recruitment Camp features a variety of courses all about and related to recruitment. With courses coming from various individuals from all parts of the world, we are centralizing the knowledge about recruitment here at Recruitment Camp. All those who are aspiring in the recruitment industry or simply wish to gain more insight about it can come here, find courses they like, and learn from them. We have made the process of sharing and taking courses extremely simple and convenient so there are no hassles in the way of recruitment education.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

Malcom X
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